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ImageAre you in need of a little Motivation? Virtual Barbara has started a {Motivation Monday} Video Series beginning May 20th, 2013. What you will receive is a Video of Barbara herself in your Inbox by 9 am each Monday for 6 weeks.

At the end of the 6 weeks, we will hold a discussion (either a Web-inar or phone call), to discuss what you have taken from the program. Each subscriber will receive my all NEW E-book (should be released by weeks end)!! Now, this series is FREE, all you have to do is sign up! I promise, I will NOT spam your inbox! At anytime, there will be a link at the bottom of each Email to unsubscribe, if this isn’t for you! But, you won’t want to miss this! And best of all, there is NO COST! So why not join Barbara?

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Did you say, Outsourcing?

So, what exactly is outsourcing, you ask? Basically, it is handing over some of your Business related tasks that you just don’t have time to complete! In another sense it is getting the extra help that you may so desperately need. You are not alone! Maybe you need assistance for just one, five, or more hours on occasion or assistance long term. Whatever the case may be, you do have the option of working with a Virtual Assistant.

If you have no additional office space, no worries! Virtual Assistants generally work from their equipped home offices. If, you have decided you & your Business could benefit from utilizing all that a Virtual Assistant has to offer, please contact me, Virtual Barbara. I have the experience to assist your Business with Administrative tasks on occasion or long term. Read here for more information.

The sky is the limit when working with a Virtual Assistant.

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Traffic Jams, Your Future or NOT?

Traffic Jams, Your Future or NOT?

I am thankful everyday, that I do NOT have to commute to work on a daily basis! The traffic jams are hectic! One less hassle when you work from home. Whether you are selling hand-made crafts, clothing, or a Virtual Assistant like myself 🙂 The possibilities are endless when deciding on working from home. But, only you can decide your destiny! Is it the 9 to 5 with an hour commute both ways with traffic jams, like pictured or when you choose your own hours & pay? Your choice!

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Introducing Virtual Barbara’s Motivational Monday Series

Each Monday for 6 weeks you will receive a Motivational Video from Virtual Barbara in your Inbox. Virtual Barbara wants to give you some Motivation each week. At the end of the 6 weeks, a discussion will be held! Looking forward to you being a part of my series.

In Response to Abercrombie & Fitch’s CEO-“Why He Hates Fat Chicks”

boys n girlsI among many others, were appalled at reading this article! You can view the article here. My thoughts were, this is exactly why so many younger females turn anorexic, bulimic, or just have a problem with their weight because of stereotyping just like this CEO. So what if a female is not a size 10 who are you to judge who is fat & who isn’t, right? When I read the part that he sells XL & XXL for the Men’s section of clothing for larger athletes, where is the bigger section for Women? Some of us women have larger busts sizes that we need an XL or even a XXL. Not only larger busts, but some women are athletes as well or body builders that require larger clothing. He also states, that his clothing line is for the “cool kids”. So, I guess if we aren’t cool we shouldn’t wear it, what kind of standards are you setting for the younger generation? This is in fact a form of bullying Mike Jeffries! And it will NOT be tolerated by me, nor a lot of people. I wonder how your employees feel about the statements you have made in this article.

You can most certainly dress your kids these days in Kmart, Wal-Mart, Target, or even the Goodwill with more fashion then your clothing line! Best believe your sales will drop with how you constantly put women down because of their weight because women generally are the main shopper in each household!

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I can honestly say that I, nor my children will wear A&F after this, not that I do now, but my children do.

The 7 Most Important Steps To Providing Exceptional Customer Service


1. Respond to your Clients/Customers as soon as possible.

I am not suggesting to stop what it is you are doing and respond. However, you should respond as soon as you have some free time. This shows the Client/Customer that you are aware of their needs. You may not be able to help out right away, but reaching out and making contact is always best. Whether by Email, Texting, Phone, or a Social Media contact.


2. Keep your Clients/Customers updated.

Some  businesses fail to realize how to keep their Clients/Customers updated. You should be sending Emails, making phone calls, or maybe even tweeting to the Client/Customer during the process. Which ever method that have chosen to use to contact them regarding a shipment, project, etc.


3. Listen to your Clients/Customers.

Be sure to always listen, then provide a solution that will best suit their needs. Let them speak first and respond.


4. If you made a mistake fix it.

No matter how big or how small the mistake is, fix it. It is your job as a Business to ensure accuracy. The Client/Customer is not responsible. Provide a solution immediately upon being notified. This will give them a sense of security, that you acknowledge the mistake and are taking actions to correct it.


5. Keep your promises.

Don’t tell your Clients/Customers that you are able to do something that you cannot. Also, don’t give an incentive with the purchase of something, if you do not plan on providing that incentive.


6. Be patient.

This goes along with #3. You need to be patient with your Clients/Customers. Let them explain. You may be agitated on your end, but do not let it show in your speech, body language, or in a message. Just be cool, calm and collective.


7. Put yourself in their shoes.

Think of the situation if you were on the other side, would you want someone to provide you with excellent Customer Service? Would you like a bad review? Would you like someone screaming at you?


When it comes to Customer Service, these are the 7 important things that you should be providing. One mistake, may cost you a lot of Clients/Customers. Many Businesses rely on word of mouth, if you were to be given a bad review due to a mishap, how many Clients/Customers will you lose? Is losing their Business worth the time it could have taken to correct poor Customer Service?



Is Working From Home Your Calling?

I recently had the pleasure of Interviewing two remarkable Women, who work from home & love it!

First was Stacy, a Director at Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories.

Stacy sells affordable and trendy accessories for $5.00, can you believe that? She also leads a team of 13 girls who also sell accessories. When asked how she got started in her Business, “I saw someone selling Paparazzi jewelry and accessories online and thought it was a great idea. The pieces are cute and the price is awesome. I decided to start doing it very part-time and see where it lead. I had no idea how much it would blow up for me!” Stacy goes on to say that managing her time is always a challenge. Her schedule changes a lot and she has a lot of important things in her life besides my business. Making sure I give everything enough time can be a struggle. So, I want to suggest to everyone, if managing your time is a struggle in your Business, try using Toggl, best part is it is FREE! I still use Toggl with my Business. In Stacy’s free time she enjoys spending time with her daughter :-), this tells me Stacy is devoted to her Family. Stacy works part-time. Her schedule changes very often though as to when she can work.

I asked Stacy, What Networking platforms have been beneficial to your Business? “Facebook has been my best tool yet. I also help out local business owners whenever I can and they often return the favor.” You can find Stacy on Facebook, become a fan or a customer. Do your part & support Small Businesses. If anyone is looking for a business opportunity, please contact me. I would love to chat and help you get set up with Paparazzi.

In this day and age, who wouldn’t want to purchase affordable and trendy accessories for $5.00? I personally have bought from Stacy and will continue to do so!

Second was Maralana-Motivaitonal Trainer and Innovator of “GoDoBe”

Maralana- Motivational Trainer and Innovator of ” GoDoBe”  Where do you want to go, What do you want to do, Who do you want to be..  Weight-loss  coaching, Motivational Training, and all out Inspiration to be the best you that you can be is what she does. Maralana tells me that she has struggled her whole life with weight, stress, and money until she found her mantra GoDoBe.  The last few years living by this and inspiring others through helping them find theirs has turned her passion into her business.
Maralana’s biggest challenge in her business is finding people not ready.  You can’t want something more for someone else than they want for themselves. In life or business you can only be the helping hand. This is especially difficult when you want to help someone with their health.  You know you can and that it would be so great for them but they have to want it to.
When Maralana’s not working she is a fitness and outdoors junkie.  She loves to do anything outside (surfing, mountain biking and ohhh she loves to travel. Maralana works her Business Full-time. Networking is a huge part of her business as she looks to motivate and inspire people.  She uses Facebook primarily and has just currently started using to more efficiently connect with other bloggers. You can connect with Maralana at, Facebook, and Twitter to find out more information on  “GoDoBe”
There is two Companies, among many others that enable you, to work from home. When working from home, you are able to choose what days and hours you want to work. What you put into your Business, is what you will get back. So, if you are serious with working from home, start by researching potential occupations you would be good at. Request more information and always check reviews & interview before making a commitment.
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