The Life of A Virtual Assistant (VA)

Some people have the misconception of what a Virtual Assistant, abbreviation (VA), does. We do not just sit & watch TV all day. We are disciplined to accomplish goals, set schedules & complete work assigned to us by our clients. We work from our home offices. They are usually equipped with the same office equipment as your typical office environment, some more, some less. For instance, my home office is equipped with a large desk, a desktop, a laptop, a printer, a all-in-one printer, phone, filing cabinets, calendars, tons & I mean tons of post-it notes, cork boards, among the necessities of pens, paper, paper clips, staplers, envelopes, etc.

Some vision VA’s sitting on the couch watching talk shows like Maury, Steve Harvey, Dr. Phil or Steve Wilkos. This stereotyping is appalling to say the least. Because we as VA’s do not punch a time clock or commute to work does not mean we do not work. Some clients want their VA to be online during their working hours, in which cases is the norm. Depending on what tasks you are assigned by your client it may differ.

Businesses can benefit from using VA’s as there is no overhead costs associated. We don’t take up additional office space, no equipment to purchase or maintain the upkeep, no taxes to pay, as we pay our own, no vacations to pay or sick time. Most VA’s have a back-up VA if they are ever ill or need time off.


3 thoughts on “The Life of A Virtual Assistant (VA)

  1. I really speculate exactly why you labeled this blog, “The Life of A Virtual Assistant (VA) | Virtual Barbara’s Blog”. No matter what I actually admired it!Thanks,Mindy

  2. Mindy, many people have the misconceptions of what exactly a VA (Virtual Assistant) does during working hours. I just wanted to clarify. If I were to just sit home all day & do nothing, how would my bills get paid? I would not be able to even provide for my family. This is a profession I chose & which I love to do! Thanks for responding! Come back often 🙂

  3. In my opinion, working for yourself means, if anything, working harder! Great post, thanks!~

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