Direct Mail Marketing

Finding yourself in need to drive up some more sales? Starting to feel a pinch with the downfall of the Economy within your business? Are your Lead Generation or Sales tactics not fulfilling? 

If you answered yes to any or all of the three questions Virtual Barbara has asked, you owe it to yourself to contact me today.

Now I have you wondering what is the cost?  Well for only $2.12 per piece Virtual Barbara can: Print your customized Letter, Hand Address your Envelope to give it that extra personal touch, Fold, Stuff, Seal, and Stamp. All you have to do is give me a mailing list (or with your specifications I can research you a new mailing list-of course with extra costs associated) and I can get started.

Virtual Barbara can can also send your family and friends Personalized cards and/or gifts.

All Direct Mail orders need to be prepaid and will have a quick turnaround time. Virtual Barbara will let you know as soon as they go in the mail. 

Looking forward to building a long term Business relationship with you!