The 7 Most Important Steps To Providing Exceptional Customer Service


1. Respond to your Clients/Customers as soon as possible.

I am not suggesting to stop what it is you are doing and respond. However, you should respond as soon as you have some free time. This shows the Client/Customer that you are aware of their needs. You may not be able to help out right away, but reaching out and making contact is always best. Whether by Email, Texting, Phone, or a Social Media contact.


2. Keep your Clients/Customers updated.

Some  businesses fail to realize how to keep their Clients/Customers updated. You should be sending Emails, making phone calls, or maybe even tweeting to the Client/Customer during the process. Which ever method that have chosen to use to contact them regarding a shipment, project, etc.


3. Listen to your Clients/Customers.

Be sure to always listen, then provide a solution that will best suit their needs. Let them speak first and respond.


4. If you made a mistake fix it.

No matter how big or how small the mistake is, fix it. It is your job as a Business to ensure accuracy. The Client/Customer is not responsible. Provide a solution immediately upon being notified. This will give them a sense of security, that you acknowledge the mistake and are taking actions to correct it.


5. Keep your promises.

Don’t tell your Clients/Customers that you are able to do something that you cannot. Also, don’t give an incentive with the purchase of something, if you do not plan on providing that incentive.


6. Be patient.

This goes along with #3. You need to be patient with your Clients/Customers. Let them explain. You may be agitated on your end, but do not let it show in your speech, body language, or in a message. Just be cool, calm and collective.


7. Put yourself in their shoes.

Think of the situation if you were on the other side, would you want someone to provide you with excellent Customer Service? Would you like a bad review? Would you like someone screaming at you?


When it comes to Customer Service, these are the 7 important things that you should be providing. One mistake, may cost you a lot of Clients/Customers. Many Businesses rely on word of mouth, if you were to be given a bad review due to a mishap, how many Clients/Customers will you lose? Is losing their Business worth the time it could have taken to correct poor Customer Service?



Direct Mail Marketing

Finding yourself in need to drive up some more sales? Starting to feel a pinch with the downfall of the Economy within your business? Are your Lead Generation or Sales tactics not fulfilling? 

If you answered yes to any or all of the three questions Virtual Barbara has asked, you owe it to yourself to contact me today.

Now I have you wondering what is the cost?  Well for only $2.12 per piece Virtual Barbara can: Print your customized Letter, Hand Address your Envelope to give it that extra personal touch, Fold, Stuff, Seal, and Stamp. All you have to do is give me a mailing list (or with your specifications I can research you a new mailing list-of course with extra costs associated) and I can get started.

Virtual Barbara can can also send your family and friends Personalized cards and/or gifts.

All Direct Mail orders need to be prepaid and will have a quick turnaround time. Virtual Barbara will let you know as soon as they go in the mail. 

Looking forward to building a long term Business relationship with you!

What Virtual Barbara Can Complete In 1 hour.

Virtual Barbara can complete the following tasks in 1 hour:

  1.  Enter up to 75 contacts into Excel.
  2.  Warm call 15-20 prospects.
  3.  Copy Type 2 pages from PDF to Word.
  4.  PDF conversion to Word or Excel.
  5.  Phone a minimum of 25 clients for a specific project.
  6. Article and press release submissions.
  7. Update and manage your calendar.
  8. Research for a specific project.
  9. Type handwritten notes from a seminar.
  10. Create correspondence for a client or prospect.
  11. Create a  prospect list of 25-30 contacts.
  12. Create PDF’s for numerous company documents.
  13. Research best price/features for a needed service, technology, or item.
  14. Book your flight, hotel, and/or rental car reservations.
  15. Delete spam accumulated in your e-mail overnight, and sort, answer, or redirect remaining messages.
  16. Make calls to confirm your appointments, engagements, or reservations.
  17. Stuff, seal, label, and stamp a bulk mailing (50).
  18. Submit a press release to 5-10 sites.
  19. Submit an article to 5-10 sites.
  20. Create a PowerPoint presentation.

So, I have given you 20 Administrative tasks Virtual Barbara can complete in 1 hour, hope this helps you decide if using a Virtual Assistant is beneficial for your Business.

What can you outsource to a VA so you can focus on your Business needs?